About Us

General Information

    AYLUS, which stands for the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States, is a nonprofit organization whose duty is to support and give to the less fortunate people in America. Every month, groups gets together to host events, such as book drives and clothing donations, that raise awareness and collect donations for those in need.
    The Houston Branch was founded in the suburbs of Katy, Texas by Clio Sun and Jonathan Liu. Together, along with all of the branch's members, they have created one of the most thriving and active groups in Texas. In fact, the Houston Branch is the 3rd AYLUS Branch to be founded in America, and it currently has the honorary status of being the Branch with the Most Potential for Growth.

    Our Mission Statement

    "The Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States Texas Branch strives to focus ourselves on serving the community and benefiting the society of where we live. Through dedicated work and service in a myriad of interest fields, we believe in communicating to the world that AYLUS Texas Branch is willing and committed to aid the community and make the world a better place. If you are in the Texas area, please join our local branch to become a part of this wonderful organization!"

Leading Body

President Jonathan Liu
Vice Presidents Aaron Tsui
Flora Hu
Secretary Ethan Jiang
Treasurer Aubrey Cui
Historians Leanne Wu
Jason Yuan
Advisors Renee Liang
Michelle Hu